Announcing Optiva Coaching for Business Owner Managers

Build your optimally successful life while running your businesses. Get the best of both worlds in success and happiness combining my business and marketing knowledge with matching life and business coaching via Optiva.

Aperture Marketing is a full service marketing management and marketing consultancy company, based in Glasgow, working with owner managed organisations of all sizes.

We recognised a need for a full service outsource solution for businesses owners who had neither the resource nor inclination to do all of their marketing for themselves and wanted it done properly.

We know marketing is done best and most effectively when aligned with a great strategy and managed from a single point of contact, coordinating all of the many facets and technical skills both online and off to optimise your marketing budget and resources.  We then spend a great deal of time vetting technical specialists to join our virtual teams of highly skilled people to help you, as and when you need them, all managed through a single point of contact by marketing management professionals.

Get the help you need, when you need it, and pay only for what you need!

With over 20 years experience of helping everything from start ups to large multinationals, and a network of preferred and well managed 3rd party suppliers we’re confident of focusing your marketing effectively.

We understand SME marketing is different from big business but needs to be just as effective and ensure you apply resources only where you need to.

We use a vast network of known associates to bring you the right expertise as and when you need it.  which means we don;t have to pas on their salary overheads to you.

No more chasing several people or agencies.  We provide the  single point of contact for all of your marketing managed by Professional Marketers, giving you peace of mind and a one stop shop.


Need help to get the balance back in life from running your business?  Now you can with life, business and career coaching from Optiva my other venture. 

As a business owner/manager and previous employee in SME’s I’ve seen my fair share of stress and long days as well as successes.

I’ve invested heavily to give myself the skills to help you achieve the optimal success for your life whatever stage you may be at.

Book a FREE 30 minute call with me and we can see if I can hep you get the life you deserve.

"I asked Brian to help me with my marketing review so that I could get clarity and focus on where to invest my time, energy and money more effectively. Brian delivered on that in the space of just one day by using his excellent questioning skills, the right balance of challenge and support and by sharing his knowledge of key marketing and strategic planning tools. Our day was thought provoking, energising and practical. I would recommend anyone who is looking for clarity and focus on their marketing and business strategy to speak to Brian"

− Susan Grandfield, Director, SG Development Solutions

"“Brian is a bit of a guru when it comes to marketing, and he has helped us tremendously over the past 2 months. We’ve focused our business ideas and created a whole new service called “Prehab” under Brian’s guidance,”"

− Jennifer Simpson. Director, First Class Physiotherapy

"Any time I need to talk marketing that needs to make sense to me I go and See Brian. His advice and results are second to none. He has a way of talking marketing that is crystal clear and comes across in a common sense way that works. Brian is my “go to guy” for marketing and I’m so glad I have him to advise."

− Mark Pettigrew, Director, Code Red Fire Safety Ltd